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Which is the Best Scoreboard for Your Field or Gym?

If you’re running any sort of sports league, you’re probably trying to find an affordable scoreboard to install on your field or in your gym.  While there was once a time in which all kinds of electronic scoreboards were extremely expensive, that’s no longer the case.

video scoreboard

Here are just a couple of relatively affordable options that anyone running a sports league or team might consider right now.

Standard Digital Scoreboard

An old-fashioned digital scoreboard is going to be the least expensive option, but it will also leave a whole lot to be desired.  These sorts of boards generally only allow for limited images to be projected out.  In most cases, this sort of board will just allow you to show the names of the teams, the score, and a clock.

While this will get the job done if you’re on a budget, for a little bit more you can get something way more advanced.

Video Boards

A video scoreboard is probably going to be the best possible board.  You can project pretty much whatever you want on it, and can even send a video feed into it for replays. 

Because of the advancements in technology, you’ll actually find that there are a lot of public middle schools and elementary schools that use small video boards in their gyms, as they’re easier to manage and maintain than older, less expensive technology.

LED Ribbon Boards

A ribbon board is usually used as a supplement to the main scoreboard.  The benefit is that they allow you to scroll stats across them in a clear fashion during the game, which allows you to keep the main scoreboard free.

All of these options are now way less expensive than they ever were before, which makes putting together a great sports atmosphere easier.